That’s Just Me

I’m drunk on a Sunday. “Gotta get rid of this vodka, right?” I say out loud to myself and only myself. I’ve had a rough few days coupled with major realizations. So I think now that I’m on my one weekend off of everything, by accident anyway, I can party hardy. Though, my idea of partying right now is playing this Sim City game, drinking leftover vodka and making lemon sugar cookies. I would be playing guitar but my arm hurts and I’m so uninspired. I might as well just go ahead and say that I’m feeling old today but my spirit is young. It’s feeling more refreshed than any part of me right now and I’m thankful for that.

3/4 cup of sugar, that’s all I need for these sugar cookies. If I could put a fraction into something and get out of it the result that I want, the world would be a better place. Yet I put whole numbers into things and I get fractions out of it. I’m not sure who decided that the math would come out this way but you can definitely tell them to go to hell for me if you run into them on the street. Just be nice about it because I want everyone to be happy, even the douchebags. That’s just me.

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The Injured Hobbit

Sitting here, I am learning patience and also all of the things that I miss out on when I’m too busy to appreciate the ability to walk itself.

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It May Be Hard But It’s That Much Sweeter

Bud Light Platinum. I like it cause it tastes like a light American beer decided to improve it’s genes so it made a love child with a Japanese sake with a higher alcohol content. I mean, we always want our children to be better than we were, right? Beer makes things better. I mean, I keep forgetting that my foot is fractured in two places which will probably backfire if I forget that fact when I try to stand up. Nonetheless, I’m just one of “those” people today that need a drink on a Monday…a cheap drink.

Being a musician is a tough decision to make and you have to make it over and over again because the world wants to pull you away from that decision constantly. It doesn’t matter if you’re good enough. It matters if you can sustain yourself financially to be able to survive long enough to show the world you’re good enough. Or, eventually, the passion turns back into the dream, the dream turns back into reality, and reality makes it into a nice hobby that will eventually collect dust.

Will I be the next one to give up? Having a reliable, steady, definite income would take a lot of the stress out of the living. This Monday, for me as a musician usually, is a day off. But today, I’m having my own Case of the Mondays trying to fathom affording the “Forced Health Care Act” along my usual payment to the IRS every April 15th. All the while, trying to afford the thousands of dollars that I put into my new album that should be releasing tomorrow but, instead and for good reason, we are postponing the release for 3 more months. And not being able to work for a month (my somewhat day job of promotional modeling) because of my sick and broken foot doesn’t help one bit.

Everyone wants a “break” in this town. What we all really need is money so we can finally stop “trying to survive” long enough to start playing enough to make it out here. Not everyone has it easy and that is why we fight the good fight. So when we do finally win, it’ll be that much sweeter.


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Life, you bugger.

Sometimes life hits you right in the face with it’s big terrible, strong boxing fist. Talk about a wake up call. I’m a planner, usually. Though I can be quite spontaneous, I also like to know what the hell I’m doing. Well, the events of the last few weeks have made me realize that life really does happen when you are making other plans. I mean, you can think that it’s going to go a certain way and you can even imagine all the possibilities down that road and without your control or say, your path veers onto a whole other path that you had no idea existed. Life, you bugger.

Obviously, I’ve been watching a lot of English shows lately. #1 because I like their accents and #2 because I like the clever ways in which they are able to insult each other without ever really having to swear, swear the American way anyway. It’s been very useful as I swear at life. No one seems to get offended and we all leave happy. Rightly so.

I can say this much about “plans”…that along with plans come expectations and with expectations comes unavoidable disappointment. Either something happens that you didn’t expect, something doesn’t happen that you did expect and so on. I say, let’s just throw these damned expectations out the window, tell these “plans” they can take a hike to I won’t plan where, and just live life moment by moment and be happy with how things turn out for once. Here’s looking at you, kid, through the shiny, clear glass that I’ve finally had the time to polish. Friends are friends indeed and when life gives you lemons, use them as garnish for your beer.

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One moment at a time

The weather here is starting to show it’s ugly face. Yesterday there were Flash Flood and Tornado warnings which made me want to make dumb jokes all day about needing a boat for the back yard. That lasted until my backyard really started looking like a body of water. At that point, my roommate started asking me if our trampoline would float. Where I proceeded to ask her if she realized that trampolines have tiny holes. haha

Today it was snowing when my roommate and I walked out of Costco so, of course, we did what any normal person would do. We started screaming and laughing, shouting “It’s snowing!” She’s lived in California her whole live and I haven’t lived in a snowy climate for 10 and a half years so that might explain some things.

Before all of this crazy weather hit, I ran into a great surprise from Michigan on the street in downtown Nashville. One of my best friends, Jaimie, her parents. Many of you know her through my song off of my album “Come & Go” called “Jaimie”. They came to surprise me at my show that evening but we ended up running into each other off of Broadway and I swear I almost couldn’t believe they were standing right in front of me!

Life brings great surprises and sometimes awful ones. I think it’s all about how you handle it and how you move forward. Your character is shown most in how you handle hard times but it also shows in how easily you get carried away in good times too.

I’m loving this day and this life. One moment at a time.

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Being Alive

Sitting in LAX on my way back to Nashville from a short visit in California. It’s odd to only be visiting a place that you lived for so long. Especially a place that you always thought you’d live. Alas, Nashville is now what I call home and it really is a home indeed. I feel like it’s the best move I’ve ever made as if my entire life was leading up to me being there.

Visiting California, though, was a much needed thing for me. I missed my family and my friends a lot. It was amazing to see the support that I had at the show that I played in Tracy the night after Christmas. I have so much love in my heart for California that I don’t ever really feel like I’m very far away.

The New Year, I know, will be filled with many great things. Though, I’m not in a hurry to get this one over with. Only 2 days left in the year and I’m going to enjoy them. If the “end of the world” December 21st has taught me anything, it’s to enjoy being alive every moment because you never know when some lunatic who predicted the end of the world will be right.Image

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Catching up when life moves too fast

Sometimes life comes at you faster than you have the time to process it and all of the sudden a month later you realize that you haven’t written a thing in the blog that you’d hope to update way more often. So I’ll briefly tell you why the act of sitting down just to write has escaped me.

I left off in Japan, since my last post, I had a few more really fun shows, used a little more of the Japanese language, and took more photos that were later to be lost in the chasm that is now my phone’s empty memory. I’m still waiting for my new replacement but as with all things, technology, sometimes they break and you lose a few photos along the way.

I have to say my most memorable show of the trip was in Tokyo at Club Kinoto. J.J. Vicars, the guitar player I hired for the tour, and I opened for a few rock bands which I always love to do. Sitting at the merch table before the show these two Japanese guys came up to me and in broken English told me they liked my new music video and started singing my song to me right there. I was so surprised I didn’t know whether to smile so big that my smile would break or let tears of happiness fall from my eyes. It was such a cool thing to me.

When we were playing, we got the crowd into it and had them clapping along. When it was all over (we had already gone over our set time) we got an encore from the crowd. They would not stop clapping! So we agreed to do another but we hadn’t prepared another song. While we were deciding which to do, I hear a shout from the crowd “Physically Impossible”! I was shocked to hear a song that I recorded on my 1st album in 2005 to be shouted from the crowd in Tokyo, Japan! So J.J. did his pro work and played along with me quite well to a song we had never played together. The loud cheers and smiling faces from that night are burned in my memory. These are the shows that keep us musicians going.

To make the rest of a long story short, I returned from Japan to California. Spent 5 days packing up my car and saying my goodbyes and made the 3 day, 36 hour trip to move to Nashville. Only then to have just enough time to unpack and hang for a bit before leaving for a show and family reunions in Michigan to finally return back to Nashville 3 days later to settle in to my new life and I’ve been loving every minute.

I’ll tell you more about Nashville soon. And now that I’m staying in one place for more than a few days at a time, I’ll be able to write about and not just experience life. I mean, how else am I going to remember EVERYTHING that happens?!

Big thanks to all of my friends, family, and fans all over the world. I can’t believe how lucky I am to be blessed with such amazing people in my life. I can’t help but smile knowing that, though I may not have everything, I have all the love in the world in my heart because of these wonderful people. And that, my dear, is what it is to be rich.

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